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Why take a chance on running out of fuel? With automatic delivery we promise to always keep fuel in your tank!

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With so much happening all the time, it is easy to forget to check the fuel tank level. Even if you check it and know you need to order, it sometimes gets overlooked. It happens all the time.

At Tidewater, we get calls all winter long from folks out of fuel or close to it and need a delivery NOW! Don’t let it happen to you. Know you can have peace of mind all winter long that there is fuel in your tank.


We offer a variety of automatic delivery plans to fit almost everyone’s needs. From our computerized system that tracks your usage history versus current weather patterns to 100 gallon deliveries every three weeks, we have a plan for you! Like our budget plans, if what we have to offer does not meet your needs we will work together to create a plan that will. Once in place, we will take it from there and you can focus your attention on all the other important things in your life.

Call us now and get set up on your own personalized automatic delivery plan!

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