Did You Know We Service Monitor & Toyotomi Vented Heaters?

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At Tidewater we have an experienced group of technicians ready to tackle all your Monitor/Toyotomi issues.  From simple maintance to advanced troubleshooting we have the expertise you have been looking for!

We can rebuild your unit, install a new unit, or complete routine maintenance to ensure you have heat available when you need it.  We are so confident in the performance of these units we heat our office with a Toyotomi Oil Miser 22!  Stop in and check it out if you would like.

For those of you with monitor heaters, we want to make you aware that Monitor has discontinued their product line of vented heaters.  Parts are still available, but are becoming harder to find which has driven up costs.  We will continue to service all models while part supplies last.  In the event we cannot complete the required repairs due to discontinued parts you may want to consider replacing the unit with a new Toyotomi.  Ask us for information on comparison models and cost.

2015 Calendars Are Still Available!

Tidewater Oil Blog

We still have 2015 Calendars available!  Stop in the office to pick one up or ask our drivers/technicians for one the next time you see them.  Supplies are limited.

We also have pens, pencils, notepads, etc. in the office.  Next time you are in be sure to grab a couple of items!

Save 5 Cents/Gallon!!! Read On To Find Out How!

Tidewater Oil Blog

As we kicked off 2015 we felt it was time to overhaul our website and provide you with an updated look that puts more information at your finger tips.  One area in particular that we are very excited about is our blog page.  We now can share valuable tips with you concerning your heating system in a quick and effective manner.  It’s also a great way for us to let you know of special offers or discounts that are available from time to time.  Today happens to be one of those times.  Mention this blog when you place your next order of 100 gallons or more and save 5 cents/gallon.  (Offer expires on 1/28/15 and all delivery must be taken by 1/30/15).

We would also love to hear what you have to say about the new site.  What you like, what you don’t and what you feel it is missing.  Your input is an important part in helping us to ensure this site provides you with the tools and information you need in an easy to access manner.

Finally, If you have not already looked at our previous blog posts we encourage you to now!  As always, we thank you for your business and for taking time today to look our site over.

We Deliver Until All The Tickets Are Done!

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With the cold weather upon us we often end up with more delivery requests in a day than our drivers can fulfill during normal business hours.  So what happens then?  We keep right on delivering until all the tickets get done that day!  With extra drivers on staff we have the ability to deliver well into the evening to ensure you get your fuel when it is needed most. 

With that said, we do appreciate you ordering your fuel in advance.  This helps us plan our stops more effeciently which will allow us to fulfill more delivery requests during normal business hours and get our staff home earlier for much needed rest this time of year!  If you do need to place an order for a same day delivery we will do our best to get the fuel to you in a timely manner (An emergency delivery fee may apply).

You Asked, We Listened!

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As we have grown over the years we have made many modifications to our delivery schedule to serve you better.  We are at it again thanks to you!  You asked for more choices when scheduling your fuel deliveries.  We listened and agreed that we could do more to ensure we are better servicing our Customers!  Check out our new summer and winter schedules by clicking on the delivery schedule tab above.

Happy Holidays from Tidewater Oil


To allow our employees time with their family during the Holidays, we will be closing early on Christmas Eve (1pm) and New Year’s Eve (3pm) and will remain closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.
***We are available to assist 24×7 throughout the holidays if you need a delivery or emergency service***

Your Fuel Tank Needs Love Too!

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One of the most over looked components of our heating systems is the fuel tank.  Many folks think if it looks good on the outside then the inside is fine as well.  Unfortunately that is not true.  What we cannot see is the steel rusting and breaking down inside the tank.  There are a couple of items that can cause the steel to begin to break down.  First, sediments from the fuel settle to the bottom.  Once there, it will attack the steel and break it down.  Second, condensation often forms inside your tank as outside temperatures go through huge fluctuations.  Typically this is more of an outside tank issue, but condensation does form in fill pipes that are connected to inside tanks which will lead to the same situation.  The moisture this creates will cause the steel inside to rust leading to long term issues.

The good news is that we have additives that can be added to your fuel which will break up the sludge and emulsify the water.  If done on a regular basis you will significantly reduce the risk of your tank leaking and extend the life of your tank.

Ask us for one next time you place an order or if you prefer have us automatically manage this process for you.  

No Heat? Before You Call Us Try These Steps First

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If you find yourself without heat or hot water check these steps first to avoid an unnecessary service call.

  • Is the thermostat set above room temperature
  • Is the emergency switch in the on position? How about the service switch at your furnace or boiler?
  • Do you have a tripped breaker?
  • Check to make sure you have fuel in your tank.
  • Try pushing the reset switch. ***Very Important – Only push this once***

Save Money & Avoid Unnecessary Service Calls When You Schedule Your Annual Tune-Up!

Tidewater Oil Blog
Getting your heating system tuned-up annually can help reduce your heating bills by 5% or more!  It also allows our technicians to inspect your system and alert you to any potential problems that could lead to down time when you need your heat on the most.

At Tidewater Oil we take great pride in going the extra mile when we tune-up your system.  We start by brushing and/or vacuuming out your heat exchanger when applicable.  We then replace your nozzle, pump strainer, and oil filter(s).  If you have a warm air furnace we replace your air filters as well.  While we have your burner opened up we will clean it and adjust your electrodes.