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Budget Plans

Most companies today offer a one size fits all approach to set customers up on budget plans. The end result is customers find themselves locked into a plan they are frustrated by. Not so with us at Tidewater!

Do we offer the typical industry plans? Absolutely, and they do meet the needs of most customers. Do our budget plans work in all situations? Absolutely not! When faced with a situation that does not fall neatly into one of our typical plans, we get creative and start looking at what we can do to make it work.

First, we listen to you to gain a complete understanding of your situation. We ask questions and clarify areas of concern. Once we understand your unique situation, we tailor a new plan to it that we both can work with.


By taking each inquiry one at a time and understanding your circumstances we are confident our staff can expertly guide you into a plan you are going to be satisfied with. If you’re not happy, we are not happy and that self-defeats the reason you signed up for a budget plan.

A properly designed budget plan will relieve you of the financial stress caused by trying to cover all your heating expenses in a six to seven month time frame. The plan also takes the guess work out of when you should order and ensures you always have a healthy supply of fuel in your tank. Once you have signed up you only need to focus on making your monthly payments. We take care of the rest!


We strongly encourage all of our customers to take advantage of our budget plans. Listed below are the base plans we offer. Remember though, if the plan does not fit your situation call or email us so we can work with you to create a plan that does!


  • Cash Budget Plan: Designed for those who prefer not to pay fees or be locked into a price for the entire season.
  • Capped Budget Plan: Designed for those who want to cap the price they will pay while still being able to take advantage of lower prices if the market drops. A price protection fee will be added to this plan and figured into the monthly payments
  • Fixed Budget Plan: Designed to offer complete peace of mind. You will know exactly what you are paying every delivery all season long. No surprises and no added fees.

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