Tidewater Oil Blog

Although the weather is beautiful outside, now is the time to start planning for next year’s heating season.  Our 2017/2018 pre-buy and budget plans are now available.  Below is a breakdown of the plans we offer:

Cash Budget Plan:  This plan offers you the opportunity to spread out your payments for the entire year without being locked into a cap or fixed price program. 

Capped Budget Plan:  This plan offers a capped price coupled with a downside price protection (Non-refundable fee applies).  Under this plan your price will never go above the cap price and if our daily cash price is lower than the cap you pay that price!

Fixed Budget Plan:  This plan is a fixed price budget plan.  The price will neither go up or down.  No fees are assessed and you know exactly what you are paying for fuel the entire heating season!

Pre-Buy Plan:  With this plan pay for your fuel immediately and you will not have to think about it again until next year!  The price is locked in and we will make automatic deliveries until the fuel is used up or the contract expires.

We look forward to working with you to determine which plan best fits your needs.  As always, if one of these plans is not a perfect fit give us a call or stop in to see what other options may exist.