Did You Know We Service Monitor & Toyotomi Vented Heaters?

Tidewater Oil Blog

At Tidewater we have an experienced group of technicians ready to tackle all your Monitor/Toyotomi issues.  From simple maintance to advanced troubleshooting we have the expertise you have been looking for!

We can rebuild your unit, install a new unit, or complete routine maintenance to ensure you have heat available when you need it.  We are so confident in the performance of these units we heat our office with a Toyotomi Oil Miser 22!  Stop in and check it out if you would like.

For those of you with monitor heaters, we want to make you aware that Monitor has discontinued their product line of vented heaters.  Parts are still available, but are becoming harder to find which has driven up costs.  We will continue to service all models while part supplies last.  In the event we cannot complete the required repairs due to discontinued parts you may want to consider replacing the unit with a new Toyotomi.  Ask us for information on comparison models and cost.