Your Fuel Tank Needs Love Too!

Tidewater Oil Blog
One of the most over looked components of our heating systems is the fuel tank.  Many folks think if it looks good on the outside then the inside is fine as well.  Unfortunately that is not true.  What we cannot see is the steel rusting and breaking down inside the tank.  There are a couple of items that can cause the steel to begin to break down.  First, sediments from the fuel settle to the bottom.  Once there, it will attack the steel and break it down.  Second, condensation often forms inside your tank as outside temperatures go through huge fluctuations.  Typically this is more of an outside tank issue, but condensation does form in fill pipes that are connected to inside tanks which will lead to the same situation.  The moisture this creates will cause the steel inside to rust leading to long term issues.

The good news is that we have additives that can be added to your fuel which will break up the sludge and emulsify the water.  If done on a regular basis you will significantly reduce the risk of your tank leaking and extend the life of your tank.

Ask us for one next time you place an order or if you prefer have us automatically manage this process for you.